We have

Centre of children development
We invite you to the Maria Montessori’s centre for children which is open on
Õismäe, 24 (the entrance to the Russian Gymnasium).

Every child has the potential by nature to be clever and successful person. The task of the adults is to help their children to reveal this potential and to teach them to perceive the world on their own.

Prepared Montessori environment which has been created in our centre will help every child to reveal his individual abilities and to develop and to learn in his own rhythm (in accordance with his own development plan, his ways and terms of becoming familiar with the world around).

Lively intercourse and wonderful discoveries together with experienced teachers will give your child an opportunity to grow up as a brilliant, open and harmonious person.

In groups children study in Montessori class-rooms, learn English and Estonian, also lessons in music, art and different didactic development study groups are conducted. Children study without parents.

Later on an opportunity to study by the system of Maria Montessori in the primary school, secondary school and gymnasium is planned. We are also planning to sign a contract with some higher educational institutions in Europe.

In summer arrangements concerning going to the Montessori country-house are planned. This is a picturesque, quiet place where children can be engaged in plant-growing and contact with animals, and also in pottery by using the Montessori Method.

You can find out information about payment by visiting the centre or by calling
55 641 097, 55910813.